Be Individual

5 Things to Help Grow Your Interior Brand – Be Individual 

Being a brand doesn’t mean that your business will appear bland and boring.  It means that you have an identity.  Be individual about what your business is all about, about what your business values are, and about what your customers expect.
1.  Who is your customer?  Get to know who he/she or they are and focus on what is needed in regards to layouts, service, finishes and needs.  Sometimes they are a mix of different groups so concentrate on the main ones and work from there.  Take feedback on the chin and learn from it.  Customers like to be listened to and like to be asked.
be individual - -Customer Experience
2.  What are your business values?  Is it a family business or a corporate brand?  Is it family owned and operated?  Be careful not to be too focused on the family as this can sometimes lead to sloppiness and can appear unprofessional.  Instead concentrate on what values being seen as a family business can bring to your business and keep it all professional.  Customers like to feel like they are part of one big happy comfortable family and that they are going to be looked after because of this.
3.  Location, location, location.  Take advantage of what is around you.  If you have amazing views ensure that this is brought inside.  Frame the windows, bring the outside colours and textures inside.  Have a location with information about what is on offer locally.  If I’m staying beside the sea in Galway, I’d like to have that experience in my bedroom to a subtle degree.  If I’m eating in Waterford, I’d like to experience local dishes and beers.
Be Individual - customer service
4.  Walk in your customers steps.  Arrive at your premises and put yourself in your customers shoes.  What do they see when they arrive?  What do they experience?  What could be improved?  It is important to get that first impression and experience right from the start.  It sets your customer up for what’s to follow, be it a good or bad experience.
5.  Know your competition.  Don’t copy them, just be aware of what they’re doing and offering.  Do it better and do it different.  Be one step ahead, be different and especially important….. be yourself!
Be Indiviaul Image - be original
People buy from people, being honest and respectful covers a lot of ground in any business.
I know, it’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time, but by being aware of your Customer Experience it will ensure a lot of return clients.