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The River Inn Venue

Being the oldest cited bar in Derry, there has been a liquor licence granted to this premises since 1684.  Famously known around Derry city as ” The Glue Pot ” and previously operated as a cinema from 1923 until 1986. The Doherty family have been running the Inn since 1922,  so there was a lot of pressure on the Audrey Gaffney Associates team to get this new venture right!   The new venue at The River Inn Venue now houses The Silver Street Restaurant & Bar, The Snug Bar, The Cafe Bar and The Cellar Late Night Bar. All are […]

Silver Street Venue by Audrey Gaffney Assocaites

Cafe Royal London

Good Morning, What a crazy few months we’ve been having here at the AGA Design office. Having recently completed the new Restaurant/Cafe Bar at Silver Street @ The River Inn, Derry City Centre and also being officially awarded the design brief for the renovation works to Markree Castle, Co. Sligo. It’s all systems go! Taking very little time off lately, I’ve not ventured far except to travel across the pond to my much loved city of London. While there I decided to check out the recently reopened luxury 5 star Hotel Cafe Royal in the heart of central London. This […]

Be Individual

5 Things to Help Grow Your Interior Brand – Be Individual  Being a brand doesn’t mean that your business will appear bland and boring.  It means that you have an identity.  Be individual about what your business is all about, about what your business values are, and about what your customers expect. 1.  Who is your customer?  Get to know who he/she or they are and focus on what is needed in regards to layouts, service, finishes and needs.  Sometimes they are a mix of different groups so concentrate on the main ones and work from there.  Take feedback on […]

The Future of Hospitality Design

The Future of Hospitality Design: 5 important points to remember when future–proofing the interiors to your business: Trends Be careful of becoming too themed or trying to meet the latest trend.  Trying to recreate an Italian restaurant in the heart of Galway when you’ve never been to Italy and you’re not familiar with Italian cuisine can become quite a challenge.  If you’ve never been to an authentic Italian restaurant in any part of Italy, do you really know what your customer’s expectations are? In this case being more realistic and going for a more wholesome Irish food menu is probably […]

Bellingham Castle Renovation

Your Interior Brand Plan

Before  any renovation or refurbishment works take place it is important to set an overall brand plan in place so as you know what you are trying to achieve.  Here’s a few things that you should be looking at to future proof your interior design scheme. Branding:  What does your business brand say?  How do you tie that into your interiors?  It’s important that if your business is a corporate hotel that this is what your interiors reflect.  It is also important if your restaurant is family–friendly focused that the interiors also says this!!  There’s no point in your interiors being all […]

Renovating on a budget

Renovating your bar or restaurant on a tight budget is no mean feat, and I completely understand when you’re so close to your own business how it can be difficult sometimes to see the wood for the trees!!  So, I’ve put together some main points to think about when considering the task. Budget – Time frame – Close Down – Theme / Style – Repairs Required – Seek Advice Budget: Know how much you have to spend and don’t be in denial. You know what you have now! Time frame: Planning is ultimately important, and allowing for lead–times means you can negotiate […]

How good interior design adds value to your business.

’Design’ is a buzz word that can describe anything! Everything is designed or has been designed at some stage.  But when it comes to a space do we really see it as a ‘design project’ or just something that anyone could pull together? The textbook definition tells us that an Interior Designer enhances a hotel/bar/restaurant/nightclub/retail space planning, more stylish decorating & finishes and more effective furniture placement.  The property should be worth more and the guests rates for their visits much higher. That should be enough to consider using the skills of an Interior Designer or Interior Architect in the […]

Top Tips for your Outdoor Area

Paving: Consider something different other than the normal flag stones or paving stones for your outdoor area.  Look at options to create pathways to guide people in certain directions.  By using different coloured cobble stones patterns can be created to give interest to larger paved areas. Seating: Using a built in fixed bench instead of loose seating is ideal for both large and small areas. On a smaller scale the seating can be neat and also used for storage under the seating section. In larger areas the seating can become more bed like and is great to use when creating […]

Why You Need A Designer

Another crazy week with the fantastic and successful launch of Stix n Stones restaurant in the heart of Belfast City. The comments from the owners were very interesting, with John saying how sceptical he had been at the start as he thought that all designers did was spend money!! So after learning how delighted he was following hiring the Audrey Gaffney Associates team to look after the design and project management of his restaurant, I’ve decided to put together some key reasons why you should consider hiring professional designers for your next project… Nothing Is Left To Chance – When […]

Why Choosing the right seating is important!!

Seating is hugely important in every environment and should never be overlooked. 3 of the major points to consider are:– 1) Function 2) Form 3) Style How that chair, bench or sofa is to be used by the end user is crucial to understand. It may be used for many different functions so all of these need to be considered. Even the age of the end user is important. The form or shape of your seating will be partially dictated by the end user too because obviously seating for dining and seating for relaxing needs to function completely differently.  The […]