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Renovating on a budget

Renovating your bar or restaurant on a tight budget is no mean feat, and I completely understand when you’re so close to your own business how it can be difficult sometimes to see the wood for the trees!!  So, I’ve put together some main points to think about when considering […]

Top Tips for your Outdoor Area

Paving: Consider something different other than the normal flag stones or paving stones for your outdoor area.  Look at options to create pathways to guide people in certain directions.  By using different coloured cobble stones patterns can be created to give interest to larger paved areas. Seating: Using a built […]

Why Choosing the right seating is important!!

Seating is hugely important in every environment and should never be overlooked. 3 of the major points to consider are:– 1) Function 2) Form 3) Style How that chair, bench or sofa is to be used by the end user is crucial to understand. It may be used for many […]


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