Get Inspired this Autumn

With a day like today Autumn is definitely here!

The cooler weather is kicking in and the leaves are turning those striking golden, amber and yellow colours, so why

not look at warming up your interior spaces with some dramatic results and help rejuvenate your overall

customer experience within your business .

Autumn Colour Trends 2015 Seating     Seating Image (2)


Normally fiery colours seem to reflect the season but now it’s time to inject some fun into the make over with

some bold statement colours and create a cosier feel.

This season we are tending to move away from the generic autumn palette for example your oranges, browns

and creams and instead introducing some dreamlike tones with a blend of masculine and feminine styles.

The Portobello Hotel Nottinghill (1)     Sofitel Legend The Grand Hotel Amsterdam (1)


Autumn colours are still in this season but they are not the typical and they are also not alone. There are

splashes of bolder colours to reflect autumn, burgundy or rust evoke the burnt orange of falling leaves and

berries. Standard orange is more of a soft pumpkin shade. These colours work well with a neutral background

such as cream, greys and mustards in soft faded tones. When the more vibrant colours are kept to a minimum

within the scheme the overall effect will not be over the top colourful.

The Fish Hotel Cotswolds (2)     West elm Glamorous Trends (2)


Textured surfacing is all about going back to nature with the use of more natural materials, hides and raw timber

finishes. Think of using more unfinished timbers to create interesting table tops, and more destressed patina

metals as frames, rails and screens. Hessian or linen fabrics for curtains, blinds or shades, and cabled-knits for

headboards or cushions.


Think cosy, think warmth, and don’t be afraid to add and try!