How good interior design adds value to your business.

’Design’ is a buzz word that can describe anything! Everything is designed or has been designed at some stage.  But when it comes to a space do we really see it as a ‘design project’ or just something that anyone could pull together?

The textbook definition tells us that an Interior Designer enhances a hotel/bar/restaurant/nightclub/retail space planning, more stylish decorating & finishes and more effective furniture placement.  The property should be worth more and the guests rates for their visits much higher.

That should be enough to consider using the skills of an Interior Designer or Interior Architect in the future? Isn’t it??

With today’s crowded hospitality environment, an Interior Designer is vital in assisting with any hotel/restaurant/bar/nightclub interior to not only stay competitive but to actually and actively increase market share.  Every business needs to make an impression on their guests ( customers ) the best way they can, and this impression might need to be made before the customer actually visits the premises.  This impression can be taken from previous guests comments and from website and brochure photography.

Historically hoteliers have avoided using Interior Designers and have instead gone directly to service suppliers and requested their ‘free’ interior design advice in exchange for purchasing their products.  The obvious problem with this is that every supplier wants more of their own product and are not seeing the overall project or looking at the other needs of the hotel.  This can end up costing the hotel more in the long run, with items not required, and with a very disjointed design.

Any professional Interior Designer is firstly going to take a brief from a client.  They should also question staff that normally work in that area of the business and take on board their feedback.  It is from this information that concepts, branding of the interiors and good spatial planning will come about.

We have experience in dealing with suppliers and trades, in programming a fit–out around the busy operational needs of a hotel, in organising as short an onsite presence as possible during fit–out, and of delivering a finished interior space that works for the end user as well as the customer.  In achieving all of these when we deliver a finished project we have saved the hotelier the expense of their precious time, minimised the cost of close–down to their business, and generated a layout that will add continued value to their revenue.

It is not just a decision in whether to hire a designer or not for our hotel project. The real decision is whether or not you hire the right designer!!

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