An Bróg

When An Brog opened in 1992 it became know as Corks greatest live music venue on the alternative indie scene. Since then little had changed and so the owners approached the AGA team looking for a new look but warned us to be careful and retain its well-established character and charm.

Its eccentric, casual and relaxed theme was played-on to create an idiosyncratic interior with an anything goes look! Not as easy as it looks but the team worked closely with the staff and owners ensuring that spatial layouts would work for all sorts of venues. Catering for crowds during the live music events as well as a quiet night when there’s a few locals and tourists in are all challenges that needed to be addressed.


The placing of fixed items was as crucial as ensuring that the loose furniture had a multi-purpose. Our AGA team generated interesting little booths and areas with their own themes that all jelled together to form one amazing open space as a live music venue.

There have been a few well-known faces in having some drinks. Tommy Tiernan, Glen Hansard, Cillian Murphy, Johnathan Rhys Myers and Vince Vaughan have all soaked up the atmosphere in An Brog.  So if its good enough for them….well as they say in Cork, why not pop in and say hello yourself, you never know who you might meet but you’ll certainly have a great time anyway!


This project has been assisted by the Local Enterprise Office, Meath, under Ireland’s EU Structural and Investment Funds Programme, 2014-2020.