Commercial Design Audit

“Almost everyone makes a good impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression”, Sonya Parker.

Your Hotel/Restaurant/Bar/Café is your brand. It is the first impression that your customer experiences of your business.

We visit your business and carry out a full design audit of all key areas, develop or enhance your brand through your interiors, and advise you on the most cost-effective and successful ways to improve your business, drive your revenue and stand out from your competitors. What will you get from this visit?



• A walk through to discuss your aspirations & overall business brand with a qualified and experienced designer.
• Detailed discussion and layout advice for design challenges and opportunities.
• Ideas and solutions for your ultimate ‘Customer Experience’.
• Planning Permission, Fire Certificate and Disability Access advice.
• A written report outlining cost advice, with clear direction and the best solutions for your three & five-year interior business plans.

A Design Audit will ensure and reassure you, that you are well informed of all options and possibilities before you commit to any on-site works.