Commercial Design Audit

“Almost everyone makes a good impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression”, Sonya Parker.

Your Hotel/Restaurant/Bar/Café is your brand. It is the first impression that your customer gets of your business. It is where you need to be able to concentrate on your business restful and focused, and also where the flow of operations (for your staff) is seamless and effortless.

We visit your business and carry out a full design audit of all key areas, develop or enhance your brand through your interiors, and advise you on the most cost effective and successful ways to improve your business, drive your revenue and stand out from your competitors.



What will you get from this visit :
• A walk through to discuss your aspirations & overall business brand with a qualified and experienced designer.
• Detailed discussion and layout advice for design challenges and opportunities.
• Ideas and solutions for your ultimate ‘Customer Experience’.
• Planning Permission, Fire Certificate and Disability Access advice.
• A written report outlining cost advice, with clear direction and the best solutions for your 3/5 year interior business plan.

A Design Audit will ensure and reassure you that you are well informed of all options and possibilities before you commit to any on-site works. Money well spent then!

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