Project Management

As an addition to the Design Management, we can offer the services of Project Management, coordinating and overseeing the complete project cycle. We will manage your project from concept through to construction and completion, overseeing the architectural design and construction efforts.

We conduct market research, facilitate design review and build planning meetings. Throughout the journey of the project, we approve any other design specifications provided by on-going tradesmen and develop purchase justifications for materials when and if necessary.


In preparation for the build phase, your project manager can review proposals, solicitations and co-ordinate with tradesmen and other consultants. Throughout the build or fit-out, we will conduct site inspections ensuring conformance to design specifications and building codes at all times.

A schedule of works is produced with the main contractor, after the evaluation and selection process has been completed, and an agreed program of works is put in place. The overseeing of completed activities and the management of the workflow is communicated back to the stakeholders at regular and agreed meetings.