Devon Inn Hotel

This much-loved family run hotel approached the AGA team with a long list of necessary requirements that needed to be achieved during the refurbishment works.

As well as ensuring that the hotel remained operational during the fit-out works, our team needed to find additional space to cater for a smooth-running check-in environment at the reception desk, with an additional seating area, to allow people to relax within the reception lobby.

During our survey, it was noted by the design team that there were two management offices located to the front of the building but within reach of the reception lobby.  So, the decision was made to relocate the offices and include this valuable revenue space back into the reception area.

The final agreed layout opens-up the area in front of reception and creates a defined walkway to the bedroom blocks.  It also now includes a very defined space for seating, and all within a very soft country-classic scheme.

The Navy and Gold colors create a rich, elegant opulent feel that isn’t too stuffy by the carefully selected use of patterns.  The seating has been carefully designed and sourced to facilitate the relaxing and dining need of the customer.  The classic styled painted paneling gives a very strong coach house feel but the modern touches of the fabrics and finishes brings this interior right up to date, which displays the true essence of this family brand hotel.