Mantis Nightclub

Two words were given as the brief to this nightclub, ‘sexy and homely’.  Not the most descriptive brief but one that was achieved none the less!  Deep rich colours, soft sumptuous fabrics, lavish gold carved sofas, ornate antiqued mirrors; all blend together in this exceptional nightclub scheme.  And then there’s the use of saucy & suggestive imagery.  Large images have been selected for use as artwork and as patterns on the curtains.

Mood lighting has been used to great effect creating pools of lights and high lighting design details.  A metre and a half diameter crystal chandelier was custom designed and built as the crown over the dance floor, pulsating to the music.

Audrey Gaffney Associates took inspiration from the brand that is Main Street Omagh, mixed in a little Mould on Rough and the outcome was a mysterious, extraordinary and very extravagant party venue