Pulse Nightclub

The requirements from this client were to open up the dance floor area within the nightclub and to assist in dividing the existing club for quieter nights.  The decision was taken to have two large club areas that would flow from one to the other or could be closed off if required.  Both areas were given their own theme and identity.  An opulent entrance area was opened up to allow for a better use of space, and a larger cloakroom and pay station were created assisting in creating revenue.

The complete ground floor was redesigned and the new layout allows amply space for five new bar areas and two new dance floors.

Etched glass was fitted around the dance floor with LED strips allowing lighting to pulsate to the beat. Stylish booth areas cater for pre-booked party zones and a large VIP area is partially enclosed for those more selective party revellers.  Plush, elegant and stylish zones have been created, each with its own scheme.   Colours and textured have be used to enhance lighting and change with the mood.

Whatever mood takes the reveller, there’s plenty of atmosphere here to allow them to party the night way!