Dublin Skylon Hotel

When it came to renovating the Skylon Hotel, the owners believed that the Skylon Bar & Grill was the heart of the hotel. They wanted a Bar & Grill that reflected their dedication to their excellent food offering, with lots of character and to be a memorable experience.

On commencing this project, we had a difficult large split-level space to deal with and a run of fixed seating blocking direct access to the bar. Not only that but it offered limited flexibility for small and large party seating arrangements. The overall seating arrangements only allowed for a maximum of 70 covers. It had been over 25 years since the bar had a full make-over so it was quite dated.

We got to work straight away allowing a lot of time for designing and planning stage as the on-site works were limited to three weeks from start to finish and the hotel remained operational.

Firstly, we reviewed the available space. Through simple changes in spatial planning, we were able to increase seating numbers to 120 (from 70) by eliminating the split level and opening up the area.

We introduced a variety of seating arrangements for couples of 2 to parties of 20 using a variety of booths and straight fixed seating.

The style of the New Bar & Grill is elegant classic with the use of deep buttoned seating, painted square paneling and a lot of brush brass fittings and detailing. A high polished herringbone flooring in walnut has been fitted throughout with areas along the bar and the front windows treated to a classic patterned tile. The colours throughout the bar are a rich mix of royal blue, rich red, and soft mid-brown, all set against classic blue-grey and walnut paneled walls and a new full wall of glazing to the front of the hotel.

The result is a bar that is integral to the hotel yet stand alone for residents of the locality. It has increased revenue as well as reduced staffing levels due to the space layout. By far, the most enhanced feature was the flexible seating arrangements.