The Orchard Inn

The unusual request of changing from existing nightclub into function room is not the norm. However Audrey Gaffney Associates set about upcycling existing fittings where possible. One such item was the center piece of the circular dance floor. This got treated with a new frosted perspex housing, suitable fire treated voile curtaining, and a lot of LED fairy lights effect to create a suited center piece for the overall room. All of the nightclub features were removed but the existing bar location was retained.

The bar was then clad in timber paneling and a new back bar was created with a more stylish and elegant look. Bronzed mirror was used as a backdrop for the back bar with a beveled bronzed mirrored tile. Timber paneling dressed this room at low level, while a textured wall covering has been hung above. A raised area suitable as a stage and a servery kitchen were also taken into consideration in the layout.