The Future of Hospitality Design

The Future of Hospitality Design:

5 important points to remember when future–proofing the interiors to your business:


Be careful of becoming too themed or trying to meet the latest trend.  Trying to recreate an Italian restaurant in the heart of Galway when you’ve never been to Italy and you’re not familiar with Italian cuisine can become quite a challenge.  If you’ve never been to an authentic Italian restaurant in any part of Italy, do you really know what your customer’s expectations are?

In this case being more realistic and going for a more wholesome Irish food menu is probably a better choice, and then your interiors should then reflect what your food is all about.

As experienced designers, we will always create your interior theme/brand based on certain elements. These will include (and should) your food offering, the space available, the location, how service is going to be operated, deadlines and of course your budget.

It’s important that as your designers and project managers, we are aware of all these issues so we can give you a true and accurate program from the very start.

Audrey Gaffney Associates Stix n Stone Restaurant Seating


It’s all about your customer’s experience!  It’s actually that simple.  It’s so very important that you always take this into consideration with every element and it’s easy to brush it off.  From what to expect from the service and the food being served, to what the interiors are like.  Money should be spent carefully on the sections where customers touch, see, and basically experiencing.  What your customers see on entering your premises is all part of their experience of your business and consideration should be given to the reception area, meet and greet station or entrance lobby.

Toilets are an important factor and should be clean and warm as well as providing adequate cubicles and basins. In the ladies toilets it is important to have an area where make–up can be applied. With technology so important these days socket provisions for your customers use should be provided within reach of the bed and waiting areas when designing any space.

The ultimate customer experience should be a pleasure from start to finish no matter what level of service offered and will ensure that your customer returns time and time again.

Audrey Gaffney Associates Bellingham Castle Bar Seating Area

Value vs. Quality

It is always important to consider what items need to be a higher end quality that will withstand years of abuse and what items are going to be replaced within 1 – 2 yrs. This will allow decisions to be made regarding whether or not something is value for money.

Sometimes the value can be lost in the fitting of an item where the work is done badly and doesn’t do justice to the cost of the item being fitted.  So trade references or experience are crucial.

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As with any business it’s important that your own unique selling points are highlighted and worked on.  For your interiors this comes down to making sure that you stand out and are different from your competitors.  It’s important to keep an eye on what THEY are offering to YOUR customer.

We here at Audrey Gaffney Associates believe in creating something different for each of our clients and don’t believe in rehashing drawings or design schemes.  Each project is based on your exceptional needs and your brief, giving you ultimately a finished project that is unique to you.

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As experienced specialists in the hospitality design field it is our job to keep updated on the latest materials and finishes available.  The availability, quality and lifespan of finishes, materials and textures have increased greatly in the last number of years.  We ensure that any product or finish is suitable for commercial use and for the space it is being used in, to ultimately enhance your customer experience.

As each business grows and evolves we are well aware that design expertise is needed throughout the year.  Sometimes a project is big, sometimes small, so for this arrangement we can create your own design proposal.  We are always willing to help and offer advice.

Contact Linda on:  00353 (0)46 906 4190 to book an appointment and we look forward to assisting you in your interior design needs.

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