Your Interior Brand Plan

Before  any renovation or refurbishment works take place it is important to set an overall brand plan in place so as you know what you are trying to achieve.  Here’s a few things that you should be looking at to future proof your interior design scheme.

Branding:  What does your business brand say?  How do you tie that into your interiors?  It’s important that if your business is a corporate hotel that this is what your interiors reflect.  It is also important if your restaurant is family–friendly focused that the interiors also says this!!  There’s no point in your interiors being all about your own personal taste, this is not your home!  This needs to be about what image you’re selling and what you want your customers to see/feel/experience when they arrive at your business.  So even if your business is a dental surgery or a  family run restaurant or a car showroom, think about what you want your customer to experience as soon as they walk through your doors. Consider this, are they getting that experience right now?

Stix and Stones - AGA Brand Plan

Peoples Expectations:  We expect good service, we expect politeness, and we expect cleanliness.  That’s a given!  But we also expect certain things from certain businesses.  We expect child–friendly seating and baby changing facilities at a type of restaurant that provides carvery lunches.  We expect intimate lighting and comfortable seating at a restaurant that is aiming for more fine–dining.  We expect to be met with a meet & great station of some sort at any restaurant!  We judge what your hotel is really like at the reception desk, and we don’t like dirty toilets where food is being served (or anything else for that matter!!).  People expect certain things from any business, and how your interiors look will say a lot about your business before a word is spoken.  So think about what your customer gets after all the advertising and marketing has been done to get them to your door!

Maintenance:  No matter what business you’re in, there is always going to be a certain level of wear and tear to your interiors.  It is not about spending more money on a more expensive product or putting up glass screens just to protect a surface. It’s about getting the right product, the right finish, and the right material for the areas needing attention. Getting something that will last 20 years, where your choices are limited, and which costs an arm and a leg to get into the country isn’t necessary if it is going to be changed or out of date in 2 years!  Design can be practical as well as elegant, stylish, quirky or classical.  It does come down to knowing what products are available and an experienced designer will be well researched in all areas of finishes, materials and fittings suitable for commercial use.  Our designers are only too willing to show you the options available to you.

City Hotel Derry - AGA Brand Plan

Budget:  Yes, the word no one wants to mention.  The budget!  But it has to be discussed, and the earlier the better.  There is no point in knocking walls, ripping up floors and moving doors if the budget is blown on building works and the only money left in the pot gets the place painted!!  Looking at the amount that is available to spend early on in the planning lets you get on with doing the work that you can afford to do.  It also lets you see if you can relocate the kitchen or get the new seating that you didn’t think you could afford.  It also takes away the stress of not knowing what or where you are going to be spending as the project progresses.  As your designers, we put in place a detailed budget at the start of the project and keep you up–to–date during the process.

Experts:  They say that you should surround yourself with experts when you’re in business!  And the same goes when you are fitting our your interiors.  It is important that from the start the correct team is in place that will assist in making the project run smoothly and also have as little disruption to the day–to–day running of the business.  This can be costly if it is not managed correctly, and the whole process can take much longer.  We have reliable associates that we work with who can ensure us of quality, delivering within price, and delivering on time.  Important elements for the overall design plan.

Getting started with your interior design plan can be daunting but let us here at Audrey Gaffney Associates guide you through it with our experience and expertise.  We are here to take you though the design steps and create an overall interior brand that matches your business and customer needs.  We are not just designers, we are experienced and award winning designers. Our reputation has been tried, tested and proven. Give us a call now to discuss what we can offer for your business.

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